Next Generation Lighting

KOITO's Next
Generation Lighting

KOITO is a leading company in automotive lighting equipment delivering safety,
peace of mind and trust to customers for more than 100 years since its establishment.
As the automotive industry faces major changes such as the shift to EVs
and autonomous driving, KOITO will provide various “light” that support drivers,
sensors adopted advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or autonomous driving,
and all those who participate in transport,
to realize a mobility society where everyone can be safe,
secure, and comfortable.

Expansion of products based on the theme of “light”

  • Driver support

    Lighting technology provides
    favorable nighttime visibility

  • Sensing support

    Sensing-related technology
    that accurately and widely
    perceives the surroundings

  • Communication support

    Lighting technology
    enables communication
    with the surroundings

Driver Support

For drivers, KOITO provides
optimal light according to driving conditions for safe and comfortable nighttime driving.

BladeScan® ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam)

ADB can keep the driverʼs forward visibility in good condition by automatically control the light distribution patterns of high beams and enabling drivers to drive at high beams all times without glaring preceding and oncoming vehicles.

KOITO developed and started mass-producing BladeScan® ADB, the world’s first headlamp system which emits LED light at fast revolving blade mirrors which emit light in different directions in the entire forward area, which appears continuously illuminated thanks to the residual image effect. By turning on/off 12 LEDs in synchronization with the rotation of blade mirrors, BladeScan® ADB ensures high-resolution light distribution equivalent to the use of 300 LEDs and reduces the blocking of light to the minimum required areas. The system helps the driver to quickly detect pedestrians by the road, thus reducing traffic accidents.

High-Definition ADB

High-definition ADB uses 16,000 LEDs to precisely control light, allowing various lighting patterns to illuminate the road environment according to its conditions. This not only minimizes the range of shaded areas of oncoming vehicles but also reduce the illumination on traffic signs, and shades pedestrians so it can reduce glare and glare form reflected light,
It provides maximum visibility for both drivers and cameras while considering all traffic participants.

Sensing Support

Detecting the surroundings on behalf of the driver.
Provides "light" in sensors that support ADAS and automated driving.


For the development of ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles, sensors that can detect the position and distance of distant vehicles and pedestrians instead of the driver's eyes are essential. LiDAR is considered one of the essential sensors because it can accurately detect the distance to an obstacle and its configuration based on the reflected light from an infrared laser beam.

KOITO is developing LiDAR for practical use in cooperation with LiDAR manufacturers such as Cepton Inc. of the U.S., while applying the technology it has cultivated as an automotive lighting equipment supplier.

Moving Object Detection System ILLUMIERE™

This system uses LiDAR modules installed indoors and outdoors to identify people and vehicles in the vicinity and monitor the flow of people and vehicles, etc. Unlike detection using cameras, LiDAR makes it possible to monitor the location of moving objects over a wide area and with high accuracy while taking privacy into consideration.
The system is expected to be used in a variety of situations, such as preventing traffic accidents by compensating for information in blind spots that cannot be seen or detected from the vehicle itself, monitoring congestion in commercial facilities, and monitoring the availability of parking spaces.

ILLUMIERE™ is a coined word combining English word "Illuminate" and French word "Lumiere" (light).


For all who participate in transportation, safety and security are realized through communication by "light".

Road Projection Lamps

By projecting a pattern of light onto the road surface, the system informs surrounding traffic participants of the approach and movement of vehicles, preventing accidents such as collisions and entrapment when turning right or left.
In a future automated driving society, it is expected to be an alternative means of communication to eye contact.

Animated Lamps

The lamps convey information to the driver and surrounding traffic participants through the production of light movement.
By EV charging status indicator and welcome lamp display, this not only enriches the expression of the car but also further enhances the safety and security of the car for the driver.


Lighting the Way for Our Sustainable Future