KOITO VISION Lighting the Way for Our Sustainable Future

Under the corporate message,
“Lighting for Your
Safety,” the KOITO Group is committed to enhancing
corporate value and contributing to society by
conducting business activities to realize a safe,
secure, and comfortable society with the three
pillars of “enforcement of corporate foundation”,”
sustainable growth”, “coexistence with the Earth and society”.

 Lighting the Way for Our Sustainable Future

Enforcement of
Corporate Foundation

Strengthening and reforming “manufacturing and human-development ”,
enhancement of BCP framework and corporate governance

Strengthening and Reforming
“Manufacturing and Human-Development ”

Manufacturing Human-development

Provide human development and education enable to realize the growth of KOITO Group


Realize a next-generation manufacturing by combining skills as a manufacturer cultivated by Sangen-syugi principles and cutting edge IT technologies

Actualize the best quality by thoroughly improving on-site capabilities

Enhancement of BCP framework
and corporate governance

Enhancement of BCP framework Corporate Governance
Enhancement of BCP framework
Enhancement of BCP framework

Enforce the framework to respond to geopolitical risks and disaster risks, etc.

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance

Enhancement of corporate governance to establish reliability from all stakeholders

Sustainable Growth

KOITO will contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents through the development of world-leading cutting-edge technologies, as well as achieve growth of the Group.

Lighting Equipment Business

We will continuously make efforts to deliver safety and security to
people around the world by Launch attractive products promptly

Expand global share, Sales promotion of ADB which contributes to reduction of traffic accidents, Expand motorcycle share
Expand global share
Expand global share

Expand the sales promotion structure, enforce global production and development system targeting for OEM around the World

Sales promotion of ADB which contributes to reduction of traffic accidents
Sales promotion of ADB which contributes to reduction of traffic accidents

Expand ADB adoption from luxury vehicles to mini-vehicles globally by enhancing product variations by developing higher functions and reducing cost

Expand motorcycle share
Expand motorcycle share

Expand new orders globally by applying our leading technologies in automobile to motorcycle products

Mobility New Business

Create new business which contributes to the safety for the next-generation mobility society

the Earth and Society

KOITO aims to be a company that is sought by society through
business activities that contribute to resolving social issues.

Global Environment

We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our products
throughout their life cycles by promoting “earth-friendly” manufacturing,
including activities to reduce CO₂ emissions
and secure water resources to achieve carbon neutrality.

Manufacturing, Delivering, Supplying
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People, Corporate culture

We will contribute to the realization of “leave no one behind”, “well-being for all” as stated in the SDGs, while globally developing a corporate culture and systems that enable employees to strive for continuous challenge with motivation, with “communication and collaboration” as the keywords.

Diversity Promotion Work Style Reform
Diversity Promotion
Diversity Promotion

Creating a workplace environment and culture where diverse human resources can share their knowledge, experience, awareness, and problem consciousness and demonstrate their abilities

Work Style Reform
Work Style Reform

Create a workplace environment where each and every employee can exercise their abilities to the fullest with peace of mind

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