Approach for Environmental Conservation

In developing and designing products, KOITO is actively working to make them more energy-efficient as well as lighter in order to improve vehicle fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Reduction of LED Lo-beam Power Consumption

As an eco-friendly product, KOITO developed a headlamp using energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs as the light source, and mass-produced the world’s first LED headlamp in 2007. Since then, the power consumption of LED headlamps has been decreasing each year; currently it is about 50% of that of discharge lamps (low beam). In this way, we have been enhancing fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions even further.

Development of Components Free of Environmental Load Substance

 Mercury-free Discharge Headlamp
The discharge bulb, which offers triple the brightness and double the product life of halogen lamps, includes a trace amount of mercury, which is an environmentally harmful substance. KOITO, together with other companies, succeeded in jointly developing the world's first practical mercury-free discharge bulb in 2004 with equivalent performance to existing discharge bulbs, and also developed a super-small and lightweight ballast (lighting control unit).
Mercury-free Dicharge Headlamp