Environmental Management

Basic Approach

The KOITO Group Corporate Behavior Charter, which is our basic policy of the corporate activities states that KOITO will take the lead in environmental conservation under the basic environmental theme of “Eco-friendly Manufacturing for People and the Earth.”
 Based on this policy, KOITO has established an Environmental Policy that sets out the framework for its environmental activities and implements that policy in the environmental management of all fields: development, design, production, procurement, logistics, and others.
 Moreover, the KOITO’s Group domestic and overseas subsidiaries also have established "Environmental Policy" as well as built environmental management systems. We are promoting environmental conservation activities throughout the KOITO Group.

Environmental Policy

KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. pursues "Eco-friendly Manufacturing for People and the Earth" in all business activities centered on automotive lighting by promoting environmental conservation activities;

  1. To clarify our targets and measures for environmental conservation and continuously work to improve the KOITO Group’s environmental performance,
  2. To formulate and promote environmental improvement plans by considering environmental issues in advance in addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations,
  3. To strive to develop and establish new environmentally friendly technologies and products throughout the product lifecycle,
  4. To minimize the environmental impact and use of resources and energy in the manufacturing process, promote environmental protection activities and prevent environmental problems from occurring,
  5. To actively promote human resources development to achieve our environmental targets.

Revised in April 2017

Management Structure for Environmental Activities

KOITO convenes the monthly Safe and Environmental Committee chaired by the Director to supervise environmental activities of the entire Group and to discuss and make decisions on important environmental issues and environmental conservation measures to be implemented under environmental laws and regulations.
 Subcommittees and working groups, such as the Energy and CO2 Reduction Subcommittee, Environmental Impact Substance Reduction Working Group, and Recycle Promotion Working Group, which were established to address specific environmental issues, are implementing specific activities. These activities are reported to the Safe and Environmental Committee, which follows up on progress and discussing various actions.

Establishment of Environmental Management System

The KOITO Group is building the environmental management system for the entire Group. We are working to acquire ISO14001 and other environmental certificates primarily at our manufacturing sites. As of the end of March 2020, a total of 23 companies out of 27 eligible for certification, including KOITO MANUFACTURING, have acquired environmental certificates: 12 in Japan and 11 overseas.
 The KOITO Group also recommends major suppliers to acquire certificates, such as ISO 14001 and Eco Action 21, in order to reinforce environmental management and conservation through the entire supply chain.
KOITO MANUFACTURING’s Production Sites which Have Acquired ISO 14001
Environmental Certificates Acquired in the KOITO Group

Environmental Goals and Performance

The KOITO Group has set quantitative goals for individual indexes to implement its basic environmental approach of “Eco-friendly Manufacturing for People and the Earth.” We set the quantitative goal for various indicators in order to implement activities effectively in accordance with our environmental policy. The Safe and Environmental Committee and others are supervising the progress of environmental conservation activities and evaluating the status of goal achievement.
 KOITO is now working to achieve the midterm goal (midterm priorities) that started in FY 2017 (year ending March 2017) and is to be completed in FY 2021 (year ending March 2021), and it is engaging in various activities to achieve short-term goals, which are designed to check the status of achievement each year.
Environmental Management Plan and Results

Material Balance

The following is the input of energy and resources into the business activities of KOITO and output, such as greenhouse gases (GHG) and wastes. KOITO keeps track of the material balance in its business activities to verify and evaluate activities to reduce the environmental load and to use the data for the establishment of future measures.

Environmental Audits

KOITO conducts annual internal environmental audits and external environmental audits to check the operational status of the environmental management system. Improvement proposals are prepared and implemented to respond to the aspects identified through those audits to maintain and operate the proper management system.

Internal Environmental Audits
An audit team consisting of four to five internal auditors from departments other than the ones to be audited is organized to ensure the independence of internal environmental audits implemented based on ISO 14001. The internal auditors are also conducting audits at their departments for continuous improvements and enhance environmental awareness.

External Environmental Audits
A registered external accreditation firm checks whether the environmental management system has been properly established and operated based on ISO 14001.

Environmental Education

KOITO has established an environmental education system and regularly provides environmental education to promote training for human resources to achieve our environmental targets as stated in the Environmental Policy and to help individual employees gain a deep understanding of the environment.
 In addition to education for specific job ranks, such as new employees, managers, and supervisors, KOITO provides special education, such as education for internal auditors and education to promote the acquisition of official licenses and qualifications. Meanwhile, June and July of every year are designated as KOITO Environmental Months during which employees participate in local clean-up activities and practice intensive environmental inspection to enhance the environmental awareness of individual employees.
 KOITO provides education on preventing environmental contamination and spillage to workers on the premises of KOITO, such as contractors, to enhance their environmental awareness and prevent environmental accidents.

Safety and environmental education for the work conducted within the premises

Education for internal environmental auditors

Efforts throughout Supply Chain

KOITO is committed to the promotion of measures to reduce the environmental load based on the comprehensive perspective of the life cycle of products to coexist with the global environment and the local society and to engage in environmental activities through all business activities, including procurement, development, production, and sales.
 To promote actions to realize a recycle-oriented society, KOITO accelerates the green procurement of parts and materials, as well as the green purchase of office supplies. KOITO also provides procurement policy sessions and monthly information communication meetings for suppliers to ensure that they comply with environmental laws and regulations on environmental impact substances.
 In FY 2021, a supplier meeting was held on May 29, and 199 suppliers attended it.