Information Security

Basic Approach

KOITO has identified "information security" as one of our materialities, and ensures the protection of personal information and confidential information based on the Information Security Policy while implementing proper information security measures to materialize safe and thorough management.

Information Security Policy

KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. ("KOITO") recognizes that the appropriate management of information is a critical management issue, and has formulated an "Information Security Policy" to gain the trust of customers and society at all times. KOITO intends, from now on, to comply with this Information Security Policy, maintaining and improving information security by protecting information assets from various threats and handling information appropriately.

Establishment of information security management system

KOITO has appointed a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and established an information security management system that enables prompt implementation of security information measures, to gain the trust from the society at all times. This management system shall be reviewed and improved regularly. With this CISO and management system, KOITO makes every possible effort to protect all information assets held by us and comply with laws, regulations, and other rules related to information security.

Development of internal information security-related rules

KOITO develops internal rules based on our Information Security Policy to have a clear policy for the handling of not only personal information but also all other information assets, and makes all employees and business partners fully aware of KOITO's strict measures against information leaks etc.

Implementation of appropriate information security measures

KOITO implements organizational, physical, technological, and personal security management measures so that information assets of KOITO are not subjected to unauthorized access, destruction, leakage, or alteration. These measures shall be adjusted and adapted to changes when technological and social needs arise.

Implementation of internal information security audits

KOITO regularly conducts internal information security audits to verify that security measures are functioning effectively in the course of business operations, in accordance with relevant laws and internal regulations and rules.

Enhancement of information security literacy

KOITO provides thorough security education/training to employees etc. so that all people dealing with our information assets perform their duties with information security literacy. KOITO also continues to provide its employees with education/training to respond to ever-changing circumstances.

Organization for Information Security Activities

The KOITO Group's information security is managed by the Information System Department, along with General Affairs Department and Compliance Promotion Office. Company-wide computers and networks are monitored on a daily basis.
Furthermore, each department periodically checks for information security risks and implements a PDCA cycle to continuously improve security.

Information Security Management System

In order to protect information assets from the risk of leaks, theft, alternation, etc., the KOITO Group operates information security management based on management standards for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. In particular, major functional divisions are assuring information security and promoting the improvement of security reliability. In 2020, divisions for designing and developing automotive lighting equipment have acquired ISO 27001, an international standard for information security.
The KOITO Group will continue to strive to further maintain and improve information security by improving our information security management system through continuous PDCA cycle and by expanding the scope of certification within the Group.

Information Security Measures

In order to reinforce our information security to protect information from cyberattacks, KOITO has established internal regulations based on its Information Security Policy and is implementing various cyber security measures, including the establishment of a Group-wide monitoring system and an incident response system. We are seeking to build a strategic information management system that not only appropriately manages confidential and personal information, but also manages and utilizes intellectual property and other intangible assets.

Fostering Awareness of Information Security

To prevent information security incidents, KOITO strives to foster awareness within the company by holding annual information security training sessions for all employees.
In addition, targeted email drills are conducted once a year for all employees. The results are reported to Managing Committee and IT Meetings, and necessary measures are taken.
Moreover, KOITO periodically provides information on information security to all employees via email, introducing examples of information security, precautions for teleworkers and alert anticipated targeted email attacks.
To our suppliers, we are asking them to implement information security-related measures, and conducting necessary assessments and improvements using checklists and other means.