Advanced Technology

As a leading company in automotive lighting equipment, KOITO has been conducting R&D on next-generation products.

Support for Next-Generation Mobility

Sensor lighting module

Lighting systems with sensors integrated into the module, located on all four corners of the vehicle, enabling 360-degree monitoring of vehicle's surroundings.
Can also enable communication with pedestrians and other vehicles.

Shared Autonomous Vehicle(Image) & Sensor lighting module

Image Video

Dual View Machine-Vision™

Dual View Machine-Vision™

System uses image sensors to provide feedback to adaptive driving beam systems to achieve near real-time high beam control.
Enables minimum shading, high speed tracking and spot dimming capabilities.

Sensor with Cleaning System

Sensor with Cleaning System

System integrated to sensors for autonomous vehicles which prevents dirt adhesion and cleans the sensor through constant air flow and a water pump.

Toward Safe Riding of Motorcycles

KOITO explores to improve safety and expand headlamp design of motorcycles by taking our extensive experience with automotive technology. Looking ahead autonomous driving society in the future, we propose next-generation lamps with built-in LiDAR sensors and cameras, which more than functions as lighting devices.

Next-generation Motorcycle

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