The Newest Lighting System

KOITO's lamp systems offer lighting suitable for every driving condition, making nighttime driving safe and relaxing.
Energy-efficient and long-lasting LEDs are utilized as the light sources in the latest headlamps, rear combination lamps and other automotive lamps.

1. LED Headlamp

KOITO's unique optics control system and optimized lighting system realized LED headlamps with world-leading brightness and power-saving performance. LED headlamps are widely adopted to hybrid and electric vehicles and also to mini vehicles and motorcycles.



Long Life

Design Freedom

Instant Lighting

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) Headlamp

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) is a headlamp system that ensures wide visibility for drivers by enabling to drive with high-beams all the time while avoiding glaring to oncoming vehicles or vehicles ahead. ADB's installed camera recognizes vehicles driving ahead, working together with various sensors, and achieves fully automatic light distribution control.


Driver's View

Upper Photo: with ADB Lower Photo: without ADB

Upper Photo: with ADB Lower Photo: without ADB

Video of an ADB-equipped Vehicle in Driving


KOITO has released the world's first BladeScan® ADB. BladeScan® ADB is a headlamp system which emits LED light to fast revolving blade mirrors and lights forward vision by using the residual image effect. By turning on/off 12 LEDs in line with the rotation of blade mirrors, BladeScan® ADB ensures high-resolution light distribution equivalent to the use of 300 LEDs and minimizes shading area. The system helps driver to early detect crossing pedestrians, thus contributes to reduce traffic accidents.

Since the Blade Scan® ADB provides maxmized visibility with minmized shade area, it enables drivers for early pede strian detection.

Drivers can early detect pede strians who are walking 56 meters ahead.

Video of an BladeScan® ADB-equipped Vehicle in Driving

LED Compact Series

KOITO has succeeded in developing and mass-producing the world's first headlamp unit called "LED Compact Series",
which provides a selection among lighting function among bi-functional headlamp (a LED unit switching high-beam and low-beam with a single LED), AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) headlamp, and ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam) headlamp.
As it features small size, light weight, and high usability, it is widely used in wide variety of vehicles;
from luxury vehicles to mini vehicles.

LED Lamp for Motorcycle

LED headlamp is also widely adopted for motorcycles, which is obliged to light up even in the daytime.
As KOITO's LED headlamp offers higher power efficiency, longer life, and better space-saving, it supports safer and more comfortable ride with its optimum lighting technology.

LED Headlamp Unit

It is a replacement part for a replaceable-bulb halogen headlamp unit, which is dedicated for buses improving 3 times the brightness, 50 times the longevity, and a quarter power-consumption as compared with a conventional one.





2. LED Daytime Running Lamp (DRL)

Daytime running lamps increase visibility of the vehicle and ensure safety in daytime and at twilight.

3. LED Fog Lamp

By utilizing high-power white LEDs, LED fog lamps realized higher power-efficiency, innovative design, and smaller size.

4. Accessory Lamp

Accessory lamp achieved a different appearance when it is lit and unlit. It can make your vehicle more visible by producing three-dimensional lighting.

5. LED Rear Combination Lamp

Using LEDs as the light source, LED rear combination lamp offers higher power efficiency, longer life, and better space-saving than the conventional incandescent-type lamps. Those features help to enhance safety, and increase fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
Moreover, it realizes innovative designs by using surface light-emission or half-mirrored structures.


  LED IP Solvent 1016
Environment Power Saving Tail lamp 0.2W 5W
Stop lamp 2.5W 21W
Safety Respons 2msec
(equal to a distance of 0.05m when driving at 100km)

(equal to a distance of 0.09m when driving at 100km)

Maintenance Long life More than 3,000hr 500hr

In case of 6 LEDs

All LED Rear Combination Lamp for Trucks

KOITO adopted LEDs not only for tail and stop lamps but also for turn signal lamps and backup lamps. As for turn signal lamps, KOITO has installed sequential lighting function to make your vehicle more visible.