Respect for Human Rights

Basic Approach

One of our management philosophies is to "stepping forward to realize our employees' dreams," and we declare in the KOITO Group Corporate Behavior Charter that "we will respect the human rights of all persons."
By respecting human rights of all stakeholders while communicating with business partners, local communities and employees, KOITO strives to be a company that is trusted by international society.
As a member of the society, KOITO Group strives to carry out corporate activities that would contribute to the coexistence and mutual prosperity with them.

Human Rights Policy

KOITO resolved to formulate the "KOITO Group Human Rights Policy" at the Board of Directors meeting held on May 29, 2024, in order to implement Group-wide efforts to respect human rights and clarify the responsibilities to be fulfilled.

KOITO Group Human Rights Policy  

The KOITO Group has established the "KOITO Group Corporate Behavior Charter" of which basic management policy is to create customer needs and contribute to the progress and development of society, while also fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders including our shareholders, customers, employees, and business partners, guided by the theme of "Light." 
Following the Charter, we not only comply with all domestic and overseas laws and regulations and international rules expected of companies as well as their underlying spirit, but also conduct our corporate activities in accordance with corporate ethics.
  In addition, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth of society, we will strive to resolve social issues through our business activities and fulfill our social responsibilities.
  This policy serves as the top-level policy concerning human rights based on the KOITO Group Corporate Behavior Charter.

Commitment to respect for human rights

The KOITO Group will respect the human rights of all persons. With an understanding that our business activities may potentially or actually impact human rights, we will strive to exercise maximum care to avoid infringing the human rights of others and to address any negative impacts on human rights arising from our business activities.

Scope of application

This policy applies to all the officers and employees of the KOITO Group (Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries).
  We also expect all our business partners to understand and support this policy.

Respect for international norms

The KOITO Group will respect internationally recognized human rights (respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining, prohibition of all forms of forced labor, effective abolition of child labor, elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation, safe and healthy working environment, etc.) that are stipulated in "International Bill of Human Rights" and "International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work," support the UN's "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights," and make efforts toward implementation.
  Furthermore, the KOITO Group will comply with the laws and regulations of countries and regions where we conduct our business activities. In cases where there is a contradiction between the laws of the relevant countries or regions and internationally recognized human rights, we will pursue methods that comply with the law while maximizing respect for internationally recognized human rights.

Human rights due diligence

The KOITO Group will establish a series of frameworks for identifying, assessing, preventing, and mitigating the negative impacts on human rights arising from our business activities and will continuously implement such frameworks (human rights due diligence).

Correction and redress

If it becomes evident that the KOITO Group has caused or contributed to negative impacts on human rights, we will take corrective actions through appropriate procedures and establish structures to ensure that adequate redress is available for such adverse impacts on human rights. 


The KOITO Group will provide appropriate education toward the dissemination and implementation of this policy.

Information disclosure

The KOITO Group will disclose the progress of our efforts regarding human rights through our official website and other communication channels in an appropriate and fair manner.

Dialogue and consultation with stakeholders

The KOITO Group will engage in constructive dialogue and consultation with relevant stakeholders, taking into account the opinions of experts, to identify, assess, prevent, and mitigate the negative impacts on human rights arising from our business activities.

May 29, 2024
Michiaki Kato

Human Rights Education

KOITO provides employee education on respecting human rights as a part of compliance education. Training to address specific issues, such as harassment training, is offered when necessary to raise every employee's awareness on respecting human rights.