Intellectual Property Management

Basic Approach

The KOITO Group places intellectual properties as the source of international competitiveness and develops business strategies as the integration of R&D strategies and intellectual property strategies. KOITO will continue to encourage activities to create intellectual properties and work to protect and utilize the intellectual property rights appropriately. At the same time, we will respect the intellectual property rights of others and strive to prevent infringements.

Organization for Intellectual Property Management

The KOITO Group makes effort to reinforce the intellectual property management system of the entire group to acquire intellectual property rights, conclude licensing contracts, and respond to the violation of rights by developing a management system with KOITO MANUFACTURING at the center to establish and execute intellectual property strategies integrated with business strategies.
 The R&D activities are conducted by KOITO’s global R&D network of five bases, led by KOITO MANUFACTURING Technical Center in Japan. The other bases are NAL Technical Center (North America), KCZ Technical Section (Europe), GUANGZHOU KOITO Technical Section (China), and THAI KOITO Technical Center (Asia).

Measures to Prevent Violation of Intellectual Property

Given the importance of intellectual properties, the KOITO Group provides training on intellectual property rights through the job-rank based education to increase the awareness of individual employees. In addition, KOITO has a patent research system available to all researchers and designers to avoid violating intellectual property rights of others and preventing future conflicts.