Social Contribution Activities

Basic Approach

Under our corporate message, “Lighting for Your Safety,” the KOITO Group, as a leading company in automotive lighting, is committed to creating the new value sought by customers. Moreover, we will continue being a company to contribute to the development of the automotive industry and of a sustainable society by providing safe, reliable, and trustworthy products and services.
 Also, to embody the promise of contributing to the coexistence and mutual prosperity of the society as a member, which is one of our management philosophies, KOITO recognizes its responsibility as a good corporate citizen in the KOITO Group Corporate Behavior Charter that advocates active engagement in social contribution activities to realize a prosperous society. KOITO thus promotes various activities based on what is stipulated as one of ten principles under the Charter.

Region and Environment

Cooperation with various stakeholders is essential for building a sustainable society. KOITO is continuously engaging in social contribution activities, such as the vitalization of regional societies and environmental cleanups and beautification, while individual employees interact closely with communities as a good corporate citizen.

Participation in Regional Activities at Production Sites
 KOITO production sites regularly holds roundtable sessions with residents of regional communities and open the sites to local community associations during summer festivals. They also host site tours for the residents and accept children’s visits to work for elementary school and junior high school students so that they can better understand our corporate activities.

Regional Environmental Beautification Activities
 As a member of the regional society, each factory continuously engages in clean-up activities of surrounding communities to improve and protect the nearby environment.

Clean-up activities at Miho coastline (Shizuoka pref.)

Weeding at Miho-no-Matsubara (Shizuoka pref.)