Social Contribution Activities

Basic Approach

To materialize one of our management philosophies, “fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders as a member of the society,” we declare in the KOITO Group Corporate Behavior Charter that “we will be conscious of our responsibility as a good corporate citizen, and actively engage in social contribution activities, and we will contribute to the realization of a prosperous society.” Based on the statement, we are promoting various activities.

Region and Environment

Donating Face Shields to Medical Associations and Institutions
As part of our social contribution activities in the COVID-19 pandemic, we are supporting medical professionals who are dedicating to diagnosing and treating the COVID-19 and to prevent the spread of infections. In FY 2021, KOITO has manufactured 5,000 face shields and donated them to medical associations and institutions in Shizuoka and other areas.
 The face shield was developed and manufactured by KOITO to prevent airborne infection at manufacturing sites where it is difficult to secure social distance.

KOITO's face shield

Participation in Regional Activities at Production Sites
KOITO's production sites periodically holds roundtable sessions with residents of regional communities and open the sites to local community associations during summer festivals.
 We also host site tours for the residents and accept children’s visits so that they can better understand our corporate activities.

Summer Festival(2019)

Children's visiting day (2019)

Regional Environmental Beautification Activities
As a member of the local community, each factory continuously engages in clean-up activities of surrounding communities to improve and protect the nearby environment.

Clean-up activities at Miho coastline (2019)

Weeding at Miho-no-Matsubara (2019)