Human Resource Management

Basic Approach

KOITO believes that human resources development is the force to drive corporate growth. With the keywords of “communication and collaboration,” KOITO encourages individual employees to share their knowledge, experience, findings, and problem awareness through various means to build energetic worksites where every member can work on tackling problems.
 KOITO is also building a systematic education and training system with an expanded range and curriculum for employees to acquire technical knowledge and skills, as well as logical thinking and various methods of expression. At the same time, achievement evaluation systems are being reorganized so that individual employees can experience growth and become motivated to take on new challenges.
 The goal is to accelerate the growth of the KOITO Group, such as renewing various human resource systems to effectively use diversified human resources, including women and senior employees and to improve the work-life balance.

Work-life Balance

KOITO has been improving the work-life balance by re-evaluating various systems to reduce long work hours and encourage employees to take paid holidays ahead of legal reforms to create a work environment where each employee can exhibit their maximum performance.
 To reduce long work hours, overtime work in the individual departments is reported at the monthly Managing Committee, and work processes are being streamlined to reduce overtime work.
 To encourage the acquisition of paid holidays, the Committee for the Acquisition of Paid Holidays follows up on the acquisition status of the individual departments.

Promotion of Diversified Human Resources

KOITO engages in the following activities to promote diversity.
  • ○Women Empowerment
    1. Increase the number of female managers
    2. Provide education to motivate women to seek promotions
      (introducing examples, engaging in group discussions, and mutual encouragement in the Career Design Class for Women in Positions set for Promotion to eliminate concerns and anxiety toward working in managerial positions)
    3. Provide education for managers with female staff
      (training on how to work and communicate effectively with female employees in the Female Employee Training Class for Managers)
    4. Extension of the period of the child care leave system and short work hour system
      (Child care leave: Until the child becomes one year old → Extended to until three years old
      Short work hours: Until the child becomes three years old → Extended to until nine years old)
    5. Increase female recruitment (14 women in FY 2016 → 35 women in FY 2020)
  • ○Support for Foreign Employees
    1. Employ foreign candidates to strengthen R&D
    2. Strengthen the recruitment of exchange students by cooperating with universities
      (increase both in numbers and nationalities)
      Number of international recruitment: 15
      (China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Ukraine)
    3. Expand trainees accepted from overseas affiliates
      Number of overseas trainees accepted: 622 in total (FY 2020)
  • ○Support for Senior Employees
    1. Rehiring of all employees after age 60 if they desire to train younger staff and teach their skills or knowledge
        (118 in FY 2010 → 291 in FY 2020)
  • ○Improve Treatment for Non-full-time Employees
    1. Promote part-time employees as full-time employees before the enactment of the so-called Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
      Revitalize the organization by working together with people with different ideas and values

KOITO Member Benefit

KOITO is working to enhance our member benefit and improve the workplace environment to increase our employees' motivation.
 As for benefits, KOITO prepares dormitories, company housing, and cafeteria facilities for employees. KOITO also introduces an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) to support employees' property formation and share the company's medium- to long-term growth.
 The improvement of the workplace environment includes the installation of security cameras at entrance gates and dormitories to enhance security, installation of automatic fire extinguishers as a fire safety measure, and replacing lights with LED lamps at work areas in production sites to reduce employees' workload.
Initiatives in Overseas Subsidiaries
Our U.S. subsidiary provides various medical and pharmacy benefits to its employees, including virtual doctor visits and pharmacy benefits, which is partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. They also introduce retirement plans partnered with Principal Financial Group to offer retirement options and services to its employees.
 In the European subsidiary, they provide pension insurance benefits in addition to benefits on meals, commuting and etc. Moreover, they are working to motivate their employees and provide various lifestyle support measures, such as holding Sports Days, Christmas parties and other events and partially paying fees for employees' children when they participate in regional camps during the summer and winter seasons.

Occupational Safety and Health

KOITO adopts “Safety comes first” as the basic approach to safety and health and aims to create the safe, secure, and comfortable work environment with the participation of all members. Five Safety Rules are also set as the standard actions to follow in all activities that are to be practiced by the entire group.
 The Safe and Environmental Committee chaired by the director monthly meets to discuss policies on employee safety and health measures, including measures to prevent and recur problems or accidents, as well as other important issues. The matters discussed at the Safe and Environmental Committee are communicated to every employee through the Safe and Health Committee, and the Safe and Environmental Committee of individual production site, or the worksite safety meetings conducted at their worksites.
 KOITO repeatedly provides education and accident drills to develop human resources who follow safety rules targeting all employees to increase the awareness of each employee. KOITO is also conducting risk assessment and risk detection (KY: Kiken [Risk] Yochi [detection]) activities to enhance the senses to find potential risks at the worksites. Directors and managers are also inspecting the worksites to identify unsafe conditions and to ensure the completion of measures to eliminate them in order to prevent future accidents under the goal of 0 labor disaster and traffic accidents.
Five Safety Rules
- Safety comes first.
- Follow every rule in all work operations.
- Do not touch any moving objects.
- Report immediately if any abnormality is found.
- Negligence causes accidents.

Safety Education (FY2020): number of employees
 Internal education (new employees, safety, transport, health, seniors, etc.): 379
 Worksite safety education for contractors: 2,203


Based on five management elements of occupational health (work environment management, work management, health management, hygiene education, and hygiene management system), KOITO provides worksites where employees can remain healthy and work comfortably.
  1. Work environment management
    KOITO makes sure that there is no problem with the work environment through implementation of legally required measurements (for organic solvents, specified chemical substances, and dust in the work environment).
     Also, to prevent heat stroke, KOITO raises awareness and measures the WBGT heat index and supplies cold packs and sports drinks when necessary.
  2. Work management
    KOITO determines work methods and observes operations to ensure compliance.
     To prevent health risks caused by chemical substances, risk assessment is conducted before using chemical substances to ensure that work is conducted using safer methods.
  3. Health management
    KOITO encourages employees to take regular health checkups and following up on the health status afterwards while checking any job-related illnesses in special health checkups.
     KOITO also recommends that the employees get vaccinated for influenza and provides vaccinations to all who wish to have them. Also, regular hygiene inspections are conducted at the employee dining halls to prevent food poisoning.
     External doctors also provides stress check study sessions targeting managers who then check the stress of all employees.
  4. Hygiene education
    KOITO educates employees who handle organic solvents and dust and installs AEDs to be used in case of emergencies while providing AED training.
     Lecturers are invited from outside to give lectures during National Hygiene Week every October.
  5. Hygiene management system
    General safety and health managers, hygiene managers, industrial physicians, and heads of individual work procedures are appointed to conduct worksite patrols, provide hygiene instructions, and make improvements.

Human Resource Development

Based on the concept of "Manufacturing correlates to human resource management," KOITO engages in human resource development through a wide variety of curriculums, and provides job-rank based education, technical education, and global education.
 The job-rank based education consists of management training for specific qualifications and positions. The technical education includes 260 lectures in and outside of KOITO, such as advanced education on AI, IoT, and sensors. A total of 4,399 KOITO employees participated in these training and lectures in FY 2020.
 The global education focuses on multi-culture training, e-learning, language training.

Communication Activities

A strong relationship based on mutual trust between employees and employers is essential for building the work environment where individual employees can work to their full potentials and maintain and improve high productivity and motivation.
 "KOITO Labor Union," which consists of 3,902 KOITO employees, is a member of the "JAM Shizuoka." In principle, KOITO holds monthly labor-management meetings with KOITO Labor Union to discuss various issues such as business performance and labor conditions.