Activities to Improve Safety and Security

Basic Approach

The KOITO Group’s corporate philosophy is to create customer needs and contribute to the progress of society under the fundamental theme of “Light.” Also, under its corporate message, “Lighting for Your Safety,” the KOITO Group develops products to realize a safe and secured automotive society. The KOITO Group strives to be a company that contributes to the growth of the automotive industry and a sustainable society along with its own growth and development.
 The KOITO Group will continue to contribute to the improvement of safety and security in an automotive society through developing and supplying safe and high quality products and services through its technologies.

Development of Technologies and Products to Improve Safety and Security

LED Headlamps
KOITO has been developing high-output and high-performance light sources to create headlamps that provide brighter light to greater distances for safe nighttime driving.
 LED headlamps are currently the main product of KOITO. They help drivers to gain clear night views as they are bright, turn on instantly and provide light that is close to daylight. KOITO is also developing laser headlamps to further improve distance visibility.
Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB)
KOITO has developed a headlamp system called Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) that automatically controls the light distribution pattern of the high beam and ensures wide front visibility for drivers by enabling driving with high beams all the time while avoiding glare to oncoming vehicles or vehicles ahead.
 In addition, KOITO is conducting R&D activities to further improve safety during nighttime driving by realizing finer light distribution using the ADB.