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KOITO's Short-Range LiDAR for Automobile Wins a New Order


  KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. ("KOITO", Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Michiaki Kato) announced today, it has developed a short-range LiDAR for automobile and won a new order from a global OEM.

  Aiming to realize "KOITO VISION: Lighting the Way for Our Sustainable Future," KOITO has been continuing to launch attractive products promptly that contribute to safety and security in the next-generation mobility society. As a part of this effort, we have developed and established a mass production system of LiDAR, one of the essential sensors for monitoring the surrounding area in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous driving vehicles.

  The short-range LiDAR, which was co-developed with Cepton, Inc. ("Cepton"), has been selected and won an order for use in monitoring surrounding area in autonomous driving level 4 vehicles (fully autonomous driving under certain conditions, such as on highways and in limited areas).

  Our short-range LiDAR uses Cepton's MMTⓇ (Micro Motion Technology) and has excellent features such as durable architecture that enables a frictionless and rotation-free LiDAR solution to fulfill high-reliability, manufacturability. In addition, by utilizing our production know-how accumulated as a Tier 1 automotive lighting equipment manufacturer, we have achieved a high level of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) and have been selected as a LiDAR supplier by a global OEM.

  In addition to the short-range LiDAR, KOITO will offer a lineup of medium- and long-range LiDAR to meet the needs for surrounding monitoring of all types of mobility, not only for automobiles but also for industrial, construction, and agricultural vehicles, thereby contributing to the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable mobility society.

KOITO's Automotive Short-Range LiDAR, co-developed with Cepton

KOITO's Automotive Short-Range LiDAR, co-developed with Cepton

KOITO's LiDAR line-up with short-, medium- and long-range LiDAR realizes monitoring 360° surroundings of any type of mobility

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