Advanced Technology

As a leading company in automotive lighting equipment, KOITO has been conducting R&D on next-generation products.

Lamp with Built-in Sensors

Wide varieties of sensors are essential for automotive safety and autonomous driving. Integrating LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors into headlamps and rear combination lamps located on four edges of the vehicle, these lamps help sensors to improvingly detect pedestrians and traffic covering 360 degrees around the vehicle. They serve for avoid car accidents under various driving conditions.
Headlamp(Concept Model)
Rear Combination Lamp(Concept Model)

Next-generation Lamp “Corner Module 2025”

In the autonomous driving society, lamps with AI, sensors and cameras think and express by themselves.
Headlamps will support safe driving by appropriate and fine light distribution.
Video of Vehicle with Next-generation Lamp

Lamp Module

Integrating each lamps and peripheral structures into a module, the lamp module realizes smaller size, lighter weight and lower cost.
Side Turn Signal Lamp Module

Next-generation Lamp for Motorcycle

KOITO explores to improve safety and expand headlamp design of motorcycles by taking our extensive experience with automotive technology. Looking ahead autonomous driving society in the future, we propose next-generation lamps with built-in LiDAR sensors and cameras, which more than functions as lighting devices.