Lighting for Your Safety Koito

Founding Period 1915 - 1945

1910 Genrokuro Koito, founder 1912 December
Genrokuro Koito’s success in the domestic production of Fresnel lenses for railway signal lamps
A Fresnel lens is a compression-molded lens that has a small circular convex center with annular prismatic elements at its periphery. The light passing through the lens is refracted into parallel beams. Anticipating the demand for railways, KOITO’s founder succeeded in the domestic production of Fresnel lenses in December 1912. These lenses passed stringent tests, building the base for the company.

1915 April
Genrokuro Koito Shoten opened 1920 1927 September
Tsukishima Plant reconstructed 1930 1935 February
Shinagawa Plant opened 1936 April
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Established
Company logo adopted 1936 September
Entering the automotive lighting equipment sector
KOITO supplied headlamps for military motorcycles with sidecars called “Kurogane” in 
1932 and headlamps for three-wheeled trucks in 1933. Based on this experience, the 
company supplied headlamps for the AA passenger cars to the automotive department of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. in 1936, thus entering the automotive lighting equipment sector. 1939 January
Tairiku Kotsu Kizai Co., Ltd. established (Beijing, China) 1940 1943 April
Shizuoka Plant opened